Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Figs at last!

Despite the hot and dry (again) summer here in north Georgia there was an exciting development on our land recently. Figs! For years Jennifer has made fabulous fig preserves but we always had to pick the figs from my friend Jeffery's trees.

We planted our own fig tree back around 1994 when we first purchased our property. It grew next to our pole barn so that it would be sheltered in the winter from the cold northern winds we get from time to time.

Through the years our fig tree grew, reaching about 8-9 feet tall, with robust branches and leaves...but no figs. We might have a few pop up from year to year but nothing ever ripened. We more or less had given up on it.

Last winter we had a few pine trees cut out due to pine beetles infestation. Apparently, even though the fig tree itself was still sheltered under the shade of a nearby oak, the thinning of the pines opened up enough light to make a difference.

So, this August - despite the drought - we had figs and got to enjoy our own fig preserves. Jennifer dried a few too. Though not exactly abundant, they are delicious. Figs in a drier more arid August! So there's hope. Years of waiting have brought to speak.