Saturday, February 21, 2009

Abstracts of a late afternoon sun

A couple of effects I created today from pics taken during a walk in a rare lazy, late afternoon sun. Last Monday I mowed for the first time this year. Mowing is a wonderful thing. You can experience a meditative state so easily when mowing, just mowing on and on. I did the lower field, roughly an acre. Jennifer and I walked down to enjoy the space. Two beers, the view, no cars. Crows cawking. The wind in pine needles. So far apart that you have to holler just a bit to hear the other person. Space. And silence to raise your voice in. Home. No worries right Now.

Compare this pic with the pics I took of the lower field on October 26, 2008.

The sky was really this blue. I can honestly say I own the view.

After the walk my daughter came up to Jennifer and said: "Mama! What are you wearing?! I want to take everything you have on and burn it."

Jennifer took this pic of the vapor trails from two passenger jets scattering in the wind miles over our house. We wondered if the X was an omen.

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