Saturday, April 11, 2009

Adam Lambert

I do not watch American Idol but over 30 million Americans do. It is a cultural phenomenon that I do not belittle simply because it largely disgusts me. However, I keep up with cultural phenomenons. My daughter and my wife are into the show. It is, by default in my house, my background noise. My wife has the total hots for Adam Lambert. It is an interesting thing to behold, her enthusiasm.

Anyway, last Wednesday before Lost (which is the only TV show I watch religiously) came on I sat down and watched the last 10 minutes with her before changing the channel. Adam Lambert gave this performance. Most importantly, Simon Cowell responded the way he did - a standing ovation. My bet is that it's the only time he has done anything so highly complementary live on the show. The moment was magic.

I told Jennifer later, after watching that week's episode of Lost, that I think as far as American Idol goes I nailed it in actually experiencing something brilliant for possibly the only time in the show's popular history.


Hanna said...

How do you know it was the only brilliant performance if you never watch it? It's ok, you can admit that you watch it and you like it. ;)

Keith said...

Well, surprise. Honestly I haven't watched more than 5-10 minutes of the series total this season. It's not my thing. Has Simon ever given anyone a stated, orchestrated standing ovation before? I'm no expert but I don't think so. Please offer the occurance if one exists. My uneducated bet is that it doesn't. Thanks for reading and commenting.