Thursday, April 23, 2009


The recent few years of drought took its toll on a variety of plants on our land. We lost about 70% of our dogwoods, for example. Our spirea also suffered. Late last summer they were pretty much burnt up, with long leafless branches standing out like brittle spikes. This winter and spring has been wet, however, and many plants have recovered, especially the spirea - though it will take a bit more time for them to return to their former glory. The thing I like best about our particular kind of spirea is that it seems to glow on cloudy days or just after the sun sets. You can look out on a gray spring day (or in early twilight) and the spirea jumps out at your eye - as if it gives out more light than I recieves. Very beautiful.

Our spirea borders our woods. These are about half the size they were before the drought. Behind some of our remaining dogwoods are in full bloom.

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