Friday, September 27, 2013

Daddy and Daughter Memories

This weekend is my daughter's first away from home when family or moving-in to college was not involved.  She has a free weekend.  Her boyfriend will be visiting her.  They are going to the Braves game tonight.  I Facetimed with her this afternoon.  And so she starts the path toward adulthood.  By coincidence, Jennifer found this video on Facebook.  I don't do Facebook.  But the video touched my heart thinking about time when my daughter and I did silly things at a silly age.

Tonight You Belong to Me was first recorded in 1927.  I have blogged before about how much I enjoy music from this period.  My daughter and I used to sing songs together every morning when I took her to school from pre-K up until she started driving herself.  We practiced harmonies together and made up three or four songs that she often requested we sing.  So this video was particularly pertinent and poignant to me tonight.

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