Sunday, September 21, 2008

Last Two Songs from Zuma

This Weekend...

Friday afternoon our daughter had a middle school softball game. She played well getting a base hit and hitting a nice line drive to right center. She consistently puts the ball in play. She made a long running catch in left to end an inning with runners in scoring position. She made the catch in front of her knees, something I taught her back in June. Fantastic play. Her team lost the game 5 – 2, however.

Friday evening I watched Shields and Brooks then went out on the porch to enjoy the birds in our acre and a half front yard. A few cars passed. Jennifer and I talked. It got dark. The last few Katydid’s sang in the trees in spite of their numbered days.

We listened to some Coldplay until Jennifer mentioned two songs by Neil Young she had been thinking about. They happen to be the last two songs from Zuma. We listened to Cortez the Killer and Through My Sails. Later, we watched the Braves game on Peachtree TV then I read Proust until I got sleepy. My daughter had a friend over to spend the night. Jennifer picked her up after the local high school football game. The girls giggled until alittle after midnight.

Saturday was all about softball practice, grocery buying, and deck work. We installed a new bench on our deck and I cleaned and scrubbed the front porch. Jennifer planted grass seed and weeded. We christened our new deck bench with a bottle of champagne. Later, we watched Georgia defeat Arizona State to remain (hopefully) number three in the nation.

Sunday started with a large pot of Starbuck’s Columbia and the morning sounds from the farm. A cow was balling in the distance, upset over something. Next door the chickens and roosters punctuated the early, dewy day. We left the windows open all night so the house was cooled by the fresh night air. I did laundry, played a wargame, Jennifer’s parents came over for a visit and plant exchange. I ran 3 miles and did a light weight workout. In the evening, we enjoyed the hot tub under early autumn skies and cool temperatures.

Where did the weekend go?

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