Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Four conservatives add up to one vote for Obama

I voted for Barack Obama today. In the end, the substance of the endorsements (rather than the actual endorsements themselves) of Warren Buffett, Colin Powell, and Christopher Buckley over-rode anything anyone else had to say - except for the now obviously loose cannon known as Sarah Palin. Palin's rhetorical spittle of hate and fear against Obama, devoid of issue-based substance, her lack of national experience, and everything this now obviously desperate choice says about John McCain trumped all other considerations for me.

This election will likely be a landslide in Obama's favor. This, in spite of the apparent galvanization of the right-wing of the Republican Party by McCain's choice of Palin. Thus showing for all to see how irrelevant that political force has become. Good riddance (for now) to the politics of hate.

My only reservation about Obama is the absurd amount of money he raised. I think it should be a crime to spend so much money for a presidential campaign. But, the fact is that it isn't. Past hopes of campaign finance reform are left flapping in the breeze. All total, 2008 will be our first billion dollar (+) national campaign...a financial crisis of another kind.

I don't care what the supreme court said. Money isn't speech. That was a horrible decision and it has led to all sorts of present and future madness.

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