Sunday, October 26, 2008

The Lower Field

We have a section of our 10 acres called the Lower Field. It was farmed for cotton and for hay when I was a kid. It is about one acre in size. Since we bought the property several pines have volunteered in the field. We have also planted sawtooth oaks and cedars through the years. I keep it mowed about once a month in summer during seasons of normal rains.

This year the grass (mostly fescue) was turning brown, its growth stunted, in mid-July by the drought. I had only mowed the field twice in 2008 up til then. Then we had a few good rains, one of four inches from a tropical storm that passed through. I mowed the field in July after a rain and let it mostly grow from there. The result is some nice, tall sagey grass that ornamented today - a perfect, clear sky autumn day before much color has started showing around here.

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