Saturday, November 22, 2008

Eating Bambi and the Attack of the Heat Monster

It was 16 degrees this morning. Cold for November. Perfect for venison though. We love to eat deer in various cuts, served in lions or stews. But, last year no one got us one and our freezer ran out before last spring. A neighbor shot one for us in the cold early this morning near our house. Sybil, an elderly lady of some spunk who lives infested with dogs about 1/4 of a mile away, called this morning. She got my wife.

"Jennifer do you want this doe?" she shot out of the blue without bothering to say "hello." "Well, yes we do."

Some good eating for later this winter.

Very dry conditions. The humidity is usually between 25% and 30%. We haven't had rain in weeks (again). The drought drags on. What we have are arid conditions. Lots of bright sunny days. Few days with clouds. It almost to into the 80's in October several days and droppedinto the 40's at night under bright, starry skies.

Today is a typical day for this fall. Another 40 degree difference in the high and the low. Desert like. Clear blue skies, radiant sunshine. It got up to about 55 degrees this afternoon with a slight breeze. I ran 3 miles. It felt good to breathe in the fresh cool air.

Do I have to watch my forest die in these magnificent semi-desert type weather conditions?

As fate would have it, we are redoing our heating and air system. After 15 years it is time for a newer one. But, as usual with us, there were complications. The project is taking about two weeks to complete. Meantime, our heating contractor had his guys place in a 3-ton "window unit". It works great. I'm wondering why we're doing all this other stuff.

Some folks might think it looks tacky though. Two big arms assualting our house.

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