Monday, December 29, 2008

Child-like Mischief

Some things are just too troublesome to write about in detail when you stand so close to the events in question. Suffice it to say that this year I decided to get a Toy for Christmas. I purchased a Sony PlayStation 3 (PS3).

In a way this was an act of madness. I bought the player but I owned no games, no
Blu-Ray discs, and no HDTV. I bought it out of anticipation for the release of the Neil Young Archives in 2009.

I plugged the PS3 into my stereo and listened to samples from my music collection. Just by replacing my old DVD player with the PS3, the same music on the same stereo with the same connections sounded better. Significantly better. I was amazed and it was out of that amazement in the improved quality of sound (not image) that I became a child again. I was spontaneous, in the moment, blazing a
karmic path to maximize my PS3 experience.

The path soon included a 42-inch HDTV. This brought with it some complications that I don't care to flesh out. Let's just say after spending an entire Sunday dealing with various issues everything works fine now. (If anyone ever tells you an HDMI cable can't go bad, don't believe them.)

The Earth in Space screen saver that is available while you play music on the PS3 is a high-definition work of art. And it's just a screen saver. (It was because it looked so cool on my old TV that I decided nothing short of a full upgrade would suffice.)

It is amazing to me that the PS3 is suffering in 2008 compared with competitive formats. We have owned a Wii for about a year, for example. It is nothing compared with what the PS3 can do.

My daughter asked for a game to play with it. She got to pick out what she wanted.

This thing is so much fun. It's a Toy.

(But in the background I can't help hearing the echoed voices of Roger Waters, Harlan Ellison, Derrick Jensen, and Kalle Lasn all haunting me in chorus like the ghosts of Christmas, like the wind, timeless Christmas. Get away! Get away! I am a kid! I'm just a kid!)

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Mandy L Cantrell said...

I got a toy too! Well, I guess its not really a toy since many people of all ages have one-but I got an iPod and it is SO much fun! I have bought a few songs already but am still downloading from our own library and in doing so, giving my OCD the time of it's life! The order and process of it all is so fun and my song "wish list" is growing in my head everyday! By the time I get through, I will be my own radio station!