Saturday, December 13, 2008

Time for the (Rain) Deer Flag

I put out our seasonal holiday flag last weekend and we got five or six inches of rain here over two days soon afterwards. I don't remember the last time it rained like that. So, thanks to the flag for bringing us plenty of badly needed rain.

With the holiday season, I lean toward Rudolph (with his nose so bright). Been decorating the house and playing some Christmas music. My Favorite Christmas CD is a classic from the Vince Guaraldi Trio - the music from A Charlie Brown Christmas. Very relaxing but with a nice, jazzy groove to it.
The other CD I enjoy is Burl Ives: Have a Holly Jolly Christmas. I have danced to the title track with my wife and/or daughter at the start of every holiday season since my daughter was born. She used to love me carrying her and twirling around to the music. Now that she's a bit older she acts somewhat disinterested and we have to dance semi-ballroom style. She ends up giggling anyway at the end, however.
So, you put up with the feigned complaining from her along the lines of: "Oh dad not THAT one again" - as if it were an every week thing.

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