Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Rain!...and time to buy!

The NOAA Storm Total Map indicating
6+ inches of rain in our area for today.

The drought is over for now. Over the past couple of weeks we have gotten regular rains and I've witnessed local ponds rising. Today it rained over 6 inches here. I don't remember getting so much rain in 24 hours. More is due tonight.

One local pond on a nearby farm that I use as a gauge for how low we are on rainfall was about two feet below its banks at the beginning of December. Today as I drove home the entire pond - banks and all - was underwater along with about 4 acres of pasture surrounding it.

We needed the rain desperately after what has effectively been a two-year drought. But we didn't need to make up for it all at once!

My daughter is so excited. About 8 tonight all her friends started texting each other. School has been cancelled tomorrow due to flooding in some areas. We were fortunate. A torrential downpour early this afternoon washed some of the gravel from the end of our driveway into the ditch leaving about a 12 foot long trench about a foot wide. I'll have to dig some of that out later. Hopefully that's the worst of it.

On another note, conditions in the stock market are such that it was time to start buying back in today. So, I took a position and plan to add to it over the next couple of weeks. I think, in defiance to the horrible economic news about auto sales and more lay-offs, this market's going up in the coming weeks. Forget the news. The market marches to its own tune. I'm in.

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