Saturday, March 28, 2009

The Cherry Tree on a wet weekend

Taken in our backyard by Jennifer with her new iPhone. My daughter's softball tournament got rained out. Some unexpected, unplanned free time!

First blush of spring...Some money plant blossoming on the edge of our woods. We got this from my mother's mother.

The money plant grows beside a rather large patch of ground cover Jennifer transplanted from an old maid that lived near our house known around here as Miss Lucille. Miss Lucille was a quiet but strong and persistent woman who gardened practically until the day she died. We got a lot of various kinds of poppies and other plants from her right after we built our house in 1993-1994.

I can remember seeing her out with her walker in her garden slowly, meticulously hoeing away at weeds with a hoe that was so old most of the blade had been gradually whittled away by the friction of its daily use to little more than a precisely shaped nub.

The yellow bloom reveals that this ground cover is yellow archangel. These plants are very hardy and prolific. They almost died out completely over the last two years of the drought but our winter rain revived them splendidly.

Here's a pic I found recently of Miss Lucille, right, listening to my great-grandmother tell her something. Taken probably at a church lunch gathering in the early 1980's. Both women are long since gone. The 10 acres we live on were once part of my great-grandfather's 1,000+ acre farm.

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