Saturday, July 4, 2009

Swan '09

Up in the North Carolina mountains, not far from Tennessee, there’s a cabin near the Joyce Kilmer Memorial Forest that is isolated from the rest of the world. About 7-8 miles off the Cherohala Skyway as the crow flies, it offers about 20 acres of wild flower meadows surrounded by thick oaken forests. A nearby waterfall carries a stream past a cabin that was built 150 years ago. My dillo friends and I go there every summer.

Several summers ago this 400+ year old oak tree fell. We camped up there one year when the gigantic fallen tree took up most of our camping spaces on the ground. By the next summer it was all cleaned up. Considering the span of time, it was special that we got to see the great tree fall.

This year someone planted a fig tree at the base of the oak. Pretty but Jennifer says it doesn’t have a chance at this climate/altitude. Maybe global warming will help.

Two dillos perform Ashokan Farewell rather capably on the cabin’s porch.

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The girl with far away eyes said...

Sounds really nice. I would like a good getaway spot:) Hope you are having a great summer~