Sunday, September 20, 2009

Obama Gets It Right

It is, of course, much easier to criticize in politics than to offer praise. Certainly, I have offered several posts chastising President Obama for various policies (mostly having to do with raising the public debt). But let's take a moment to highlight more than a couple of things that Obama has gotten right so far.

I applaud the way Obama has attacked the devious ways of the Bush administration by giving us
more honest accounting methods as reflected in the federal budget and by allowing our fallen soldiers the honor and dignity of photo recognition when they arrive back in our country.

appointment of Sotomayor was a choice I supported, even though I feel she is not the brightest bulb in the supreme court chandelier. It is in keeping with the tradition that began with the unfortunate choice of Clarence Thomas and with Chief Justice Roberts - mediocrity isn't usually politically controversial. I believe the liberal minority must be preserved and, if possible, expanded by Obama. I greatly prefer a liberal supreme court because such a court is more likely to interpret the constitution in the broadest possible terms, something I think more securely protects the rights of individuals.

"green agenda" reversing much of the often-disastrous Bush administration environmental policies is a most welcome occurrence. As is his approach toward stem cell research by taking the Bush-sanctified witch-hunt aspect out of a scientific issue instead of making it some kind of moral one (the desire of the half-baked religious right).

I've already pointed out that Obama is right in terms of his foreign policy, particularly with respect to Iraq and Afghanistan.

Finally, and most timely, Obama has always
chosen to take the high road in politics. He has not lashed out at his opponents they way they consistently and often ridiculously lash out at him. This is surely a hallmark of the best kind of leadership. To clearly state that race is not the issue in the healthcare debate, as I posted recently, places President Obama in a higher class of individual. He does not take the easy route of crying foul as so many minorities do. He sets an example for us all to stay focused on the issues at hand and not interpret every setback or criticism as due to sex or race or national origin.

All in all, despite our differences, that is a very refreshing start to the Obama presidency.

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