Saturday, February 13, 2010

Pics of Yesterday's Snow

Charlie moving quickly through the snow. Photo by my daughter.

It snowed yesterday afternoon over two inches here. Biggest snow in a long time. Much more than that fell south of us. I left work an hour early. This morning the roads were very slick in places until near noon. A little tricky getting around areas that had not been treated and were shaded by today's bright, clear sun.

The snow fell heavy for a few hours, the sky was burdened with grey. Still, everyone here was excited. Two inches of snow turns us all into a bunch of silly kids.

My backyard facing southeast.

Behind my house looking almost directly west. The view is open to the west, which is where our house faces.

This morning, same view. We are fortunate to have about 150 acres directly across from us and it only contains one house. The rest is small fields, woods, and pasture.

View off my front porch facing northwest.

My reading bench in our woods.

Front porch view. Only our neighbor's barn shows up over about an open 50 acre view. Facing west.

A cedar we planted many years ago on the back line of our property. Standing in the upper field facing southeast.

Near the upper field facing southwest.

My daughter took this pic of the road leading to our house. Facing almost directly south. Parks was found in the corner of the field immediately off-camera to the right. (see previous post)

This morning in my backyard facing northwest.

Jennifer and my daughter went over to my parents' farm as I was getting off work. My daughter took this nice shot of an old pond on my family's land. I can remember playing around this pond as a child, often alone or with a dog. I can even remember swimming in it a couple of times. I was not yet 10. And it was summer then.

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