Saturday, September 22, 2012

Booting Badness Out of Benghazi

The inferior cultural nature of the jihadist movement in Islam which I exposed in my last post was overcome today by the majority, moderate Muslim perspective.  Libyan protesters forcefully drove all militias out of Benghazi, particularly the one supposedly responsible for killing Ambassador Stevens.

Such violence against violence is perfectly compatible with Islamic reality.  In this case, the violent winds blew in the direction of a civilized society instead of a tribal warlike one.  Islam is a highly civilized ideology, if repressive in many ways.  It is, nevertheless, fundamentally full of goodness.  So, there is hope against the jihadists, and other fundamentalist Muslims, who are oh so full of hate.

Meanwhile, in Nigeria today, protests over the recent video poo-pooing Muhammad motivated thousands to chant "death to America."

So far, President Obama has not been hurt by this Libyan situation.  Secretary Clinton has now officially condemned the Libyan attack as an act of terrorism.  But, the Republicans are contending that security was inadequate and this is a responsibility and short-coming of the President.  Some military experts seem to be siding with the security criticism.

There is sharp disagreement between neocons and liberals over whether a video showing Muslims carrying the body of Ambassador Stevens out of the smoking American consulate have just killed him and are praising Allah or are trying to rush him to safety and save his life.

We live in two different realities in this country when it comes to Islam.  But, this is understandable if you take American culture off the pedestal of liberal rights and look at it as just another perspective groping in the darkness of human certainty.  We are distrustful because it is we who do not understand.  Driving out militias?  Shouting death to America?  Who are we?  Who are we?

And the Romney camp looks for a possible opportunity.  Was security really too light?  Does Obama look whimpy here?

The latest Gallup Poll has Obama and Romney in a dead-heat with 47% of the popular vote each.  Funny, that is precisely the percentage Romney said Obama would get in an exposed video that created a news buzz this weekRomney stumbledAmericans do not like to be called "victims." Both these guys are looking whimpy if you ask me.

Late Note: The next day a Pakistani official offered a reward for the death of the film-maker that mocked MohammadThis is what we are dealing with. I've heard all this before. They wanted Salmon Rushdie dead too.   Savages.  But, in other news, a Sunni Islam leader called for "patience and wisdom" instead of violence.  Meanwhile, the Pakistan government tried to distance itself from the official offering a bounty for the film-maker's murder.  A wisp of higher things. 

Our "Muslim allies" want to murder an American citizen because of a film he made.  Inferior culture, reflecting a primitive reaction to intense personal outrage.  Understandably animalistic.  They are also trying to control themselves and not riot and not kill, for a change.  The winds of Islam whip themselves between disbanding militias and killing film-makers.  Who can predict the winds of change? 

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