Sunday, September 30, 2012

Monarch Migration Being

It was very cloudy today.  Rain was coming up from the Gulf.  Dripped and drizzled off and on.  Jennifer and I happened to be outside looking up and noticed what I though were birds at first.  Then I realized they were Monarch butterflies, dozens and dozens of them, flying south for the winter.  Jennifer and I were in awe.  Neither of us had ever seen anything like this.  The migration lasted a very long time in the late afternoon and we could watch them at our leisure sometimes seeing as many as a dozen.  This shot contains only five.  Jennifer sent me this cool link on the Monarch migration paths.

There are seven monarchs in this shot and you can see how low and high the variation of their altitude was.  The first photo is by me with our Canon.  This shot is by Jennifer who had our Nikon.  These photos go well with another migration I posted a photo of in 2010, only the directions and times of year are opposites.

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