Saturday, April 20, 2013

A Cedar Waxwing Photo Opp

A shot Jennifer took with our Nikon.

A shot I took with our Canon on auto exposure and manual focus.
Cedar Waxwings enjoy all our holly berries and other sources of nourishment and refuge on our property about this time every year.  Last night about 40 of them were perched in the top of a budding pecan tree in our back yard.  They just stayed there as Jennifer and I approached in the cool early spring sunset.  We didn't even notice them until we were standing under the tree.  It is some measure of our peaceful space that they were not disturbed by us as we approached, talking in a rather animated tone.  Of course, we got very quite after we noticed them. 

The birds were sunning themselves in the top of the tree.  They remained there while Jennifer when back in the house to get our Nikon and Canon cameras.  We took a bunch of photos over probably about 5-10 minutes before they flew off to their next destination.  We felt privileged that they posed for us.

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