Saturday, April 27, 2013

Sweet Shrub

Sweet Shrub in our woods this afternoon.
Yesterday after work Jennifer and I were doing our usual drinking beer, talking debrief of our busy lives.  Slowing both of us down to the speed of our land sometimes takes all weekend.  But this particular Friday afternoon while walking in our woods I noticed a different looking growth, tropical-like plants, budding from the ground in a dozen places each tipped with the most fragrant aroma.  Jennifer had known of the plants for a couple of years but had never seen them bloom.  We got quiet and witnessed sweet shrub
Today the blooms have no scent at all.  The aroma is a short-lived wonder that lasts about a week.  But yesterday we accidentally stumbled into their final aromatic expression.  Jennifer pinched off a splendid specimen of leaf and bloom.  You must hold it completely up to your nose.  If your nose is more than two inches from the bloom you cannot smell it.  Perhaps it is stronger at first blossoming.  I took deep slow breaths.  It was a wonderful experience.
Sweet shrub has a unique sweetness that is refreshing, not intoxicating as, say, gardenias are.  At least late in the blooming, you almost have to pull the scent out of the flower with your breath.  It does not engulf you with its sweet presence.  So refreshing and sprightly in the woods. 

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