Monday, July 28, 2014

Suck factor zero?

Back to Dream Lake.  The water was less silty this year.  It was cool and refreshing and, best of all, we had it all to ourselves.
This year I mastered noodleology and achieved "turtle mind" with the water. 
Clint, me, and Mark having an organic perfect moment.  The hot sun, the cool water, and the beer.  There is a minor debate among Cumberland Island Armadillos whether suck factor zero is humanly attainable. Some feel that everything sucks to some extent.  Whatever.  In this moment, and in several others like it on this particular hot summer day, I could not detect any suck factor at all. Note Mark's Tilley hat mentioned below...  
The highs were in the low 90's that day with a slight breeze.  The bright sun was ringed by a subtle rainbow.
In the shade of the deck a butterfly landed on Clint's camera bag.
Vodka tonics were plentiful in the shade of the deck as well. We brought ice-filled coolers down in the golf cart. The vodka remained so chilled the ice stuck to it.  Perfect for tonic. 
Mark is rightly proud of his Tilley hat.  The inside label.

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