Thursday, February 26, 2015

Remus Storms Through

I was sure hoping that we would be spared as Winter Storm Remus was forecast earlier in the week. Predictions were for as much as 7-8 inches of snow.  We didn't need that around my place.  I'd be cleaning up the broken limbs for weeks, not to mention the fact that we might lose power.  I had the house prepped and had kerosene for our heaters on hand just in case.  

Yesterday it was work as usual in the morning.  I started checking various weather radars online around noon.  I told my staff to get ready to go home about 3:30 but it turns out the radar was not completely accurate for our area.  It turned out that snow started to our east even though the storm was coming from the southwest.  I drove home in blizzard conditions, some the hardest snow I have ever been in. By the time I got home over an inch of snow had already fallen.  This was all in about 45 minutes.  

We ended up getting 5-6 inches, more than we got this time last year.  Fortunately, we did not lose power.  We were lucky, many people across the South had it worse than we did.  I was glad to see Remus go. Our entire company is working from our various homes today.  The roads might become driveable this afternoon but it is not worth the risk to drive in only for a couple of hours. It will freeze tonight so I will likely go in late sometime tomorrow.  

Jennifer and I got out around sunrise and took some photos of the winter wonderland.  It has become overcast late this morning so I don't know how soon this mess will melt away. Temperatures are currently in the high 30's.  It will probably be a day or two before we get over this one. Now I hope all these people who were wishing for snow to "play" in are satisfied. As for me, I am ready for spring. But I have to admit walking in the snow and experiencing the complete stillness of my space this morning was special.
Our house from the back yard.  The sun was just starting to hit the ridge to our west.
A couple of shots of my reading bench in our woods.  Gives you an idea of the amount of snow that fell.
Our dog, Charlie, loves the snow.  He ran all over like crazy.
Off our porch looking west over our front yard. 
My faithful Subaru still gets me around in the snowy conditions. But not today.
Some magnolias we planted in our front yard with oaks and pines in the background.
A couple of back yard pics.

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