Sunday, August 2, 2015

Blue Moon Over Destin

I took this photo yesterday morning about 6AM central time.
It has been about 3 years since we last vacationed in Destin, Florida.  This time we were lucky enough to be there for the blue moon - which only comes around every 32 months or so, about 2.7 years.  So, literally, our trip back to the wonderful emerald water and beach there was "once in a blue moon."

Jennifer and I went out and watched the moon rise on Friday night but our attempts to capture it in a photograph were hindered by darkness and overcast conditions.  It rained almost every afternoon while we were there this time.  

I woke up early, as usual, the next morning and went out on the beach alone and took some photos of the moon as it was setting in the west, the beach and water lit by the pinkish hues of the dawn.

This year we took our daughter, Avery, and her boyfriend with us.  It was a wonderfully slow-paced, relaxing time.

Typical day on vacation...

Rise early, make coffee, have a cup with Jennifer at the the condominium complex's gazebo on the beach.

Back to the condo, read iPad, enjoy more coffee.

Long walk in the morning sunshine along the beach. Followed by several laps in the condo's pool, which is empty this time of morning. Dry beside the pool while quietly laying in the sun.

Back to the condo, granola cereal and fruit smoothies for a late-breakfast, reading a book and the rules to a recent addition to my war game collection. Relaxing as everyone else goes to the beach.

Change clothes.  Out for a nice family lunch at a restaurant. (Our best lunch this year was at Dewey Destin's Harborside Restaurant.  Simply awesome fresh fish and first-class service.) It is easier to get service at lunchtime (especially a late-lunch) than fight the crowds at the dinner hour.

Afternoon napping, shopping (not for me), reading, snacking, drinking, relaxing.  For this trip to Destin there were often thunderstorms this time of day. If no rain then overcast.

Back on the beach for the late-afternoon and sunset.  Only we didn't get to see many sunsets this trip as it was mostly cloudy in the afternoon and evening.

Evening: sandwiches, snacks, more drinking in the condo.  A game of rummy on a couple of evenings. Went to see a movie one night.  Sometimes it rained on and off.

Yesterday was the sunniest day.  Overall the beach was very crowded this year but not so yesterday morning.  I suppose it was a transition period with most vacationers checking out and the next in line not having yet arrived.  We left, too, in the late-afternoon and made the return journey last night, arriving home after midnight under the clear bright light on the post-blue moon.
The water was simply gorgeous as usual at Destin.  This photo was taken early yesterday when most vacationers were in transition, leaving or arriving, depopulating the beach, making it feel much more spacious.
Avery and Jennifer on floats out beyond the wave action.  Both of them say this was the best moment of the vacation.  They had truly arrived.
A family photo on the beach the evening before we left.  It was overcast but still good light for pics.

Schools of various tiny and small fish swam in dark clouds beneath the clear gulf water and bright gulf sunshine.  Once I swam through a small group of them.  They parted and glanced around body for a second or two.  It felt exhilarating, all that tiny fish energy expressing itself around me.
But of all the vacation memories, I will retain the blue moon over Destin as most special because it is a rarity, indeed a first for me at any beach.

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